European Window Installation

We are passionate about our European window installation.  With over 100 years combined experience building homes and installing windows, we have seen first-hand the impact of proper, and improper installation and waterproofing. Our experience is what drives us to ensure our customers feel comfortable with what it takes to install Glo European windows, air tight and water tight.

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Water Tightness

Rough opening preparation and flashing is an integral component of proper European window installation. Glo windows are different than your typical flanged North American Style window. The flangeless European style windows integrate into your drainage plane a little bit differently than a flanged window. We recommend you prepare the rough openings in the wall in a watertight manner, and the window is installed into the watertight rough opening.

(See Glo Windows Flashing Manual and Preparing Rough Opening video below)

Air Tightness

There are many ways to ensure your window integrates seamlessly into the air tightness layer. Choosing a vapor-open or vapor-close wall assembly may influence the materials you select.  Products such as backer rod, sealant, vapor-open adhesive tapes, and expanding foam are just a few of the materials used to ensure airtight window installation.


Believe it or not, it is possible to improve the insulation performance of your window by up to 20%. This can be done by moving the window further into the rough opening and adding a layer of insulation over the frame of the window. We recognize there are many factors influencing where in the wall you want your windows, and we are here to help you optimize performance and meet your architectural design goals.

Below are some typical high performance window installation details and flashing methods.  Feel free to download the .pdf files to show your team.

Window Flashing Manual

Glo Windows Flashing Manual

Videos of Install