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To help you accomplish a successful installation of your new Windows and Doors, Glo European Windows offers on and off site technical assistance through our Installation Support Program. This program is an optional service provided at additional cost over and above the cost of the window package, which will be of great benefit to anybody who is planning on installing our windows and is not familiar with the European style window and door.



Our Installation Support Program will provide you with the following important step-by-step instruction:

  • Proper waterproofing or flashing techniques for preparing rough openings.
  • Attaching the windows and/or doors securely to the building structure while maintaining level, plumb, and square window and door frames.
  • Creating proper airtight connections between the interior of the window frame and the airtight layer of the building.
  • Applying appropriate insulation between the window and/or door and the rough opening.

Glo European Windows are available in three different attachment method systems: Screw System, Clip System, or an integrated Nail Flange System. Rough opening preparation recommendations will vary depending upon the system selected.

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Additionally, a proper air- and water-tight installation can be achieved with many different products, including peel and stick tapes, foams, liquid flashings, and others. Which methods to use will depend upon the specifics of your project. We will help you decide which products are best for your situation.

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This service includes a consultative phone call prior to the day of installation to discuss the selected method of install and review the installation details. At this time, our technician will also recommend the required manpower and equipment to complete a safe and efficient install.

Window and door Install details for many common wall types are available from Glo European Windows. If install details for your project have been provided by your architect or contractor, Glo European Windows will require submission of these details for approval prior to installation. Failure to do so may negate the warranty of Glo European Windows products.

To maximize the onsite technician’s expertise, the following items should be completed before technician arrives:

  1. Windows and doors unloaded from shipping container.
  2. Inventory of all items received completed to verify correct quantities and units inspected.
  3. If possible, window and door units should have all packaging materials removed, and units should be staged around the building close to the locations where they will be installed.
  4. Doors should be removed from frames and screw holes pre-drilled if they have not already been drilled at the factory.
  5. Install clips should be installed onto the exterior of the window frames when possible.
  6. All rough opening dimensions should be verified for dimensional accuracy and checked for plumb, level and square, and any deficiencies corrected.
  7. Sill pan flashings should be in place as well as any other flashing components that need to be done before windows are installed.
  8. Verify that all necessary screws and other mounting hardware and fasteners are on site.
  9. Exterior flashing materials should be on site.
  10. Have enough glass-handling suction cups on hand so that units can be handled safely.
  11. Forklift, crane, or other material handling equipment that is appropriate for the situation should be on site.


Day of Install, Sequence of Work:

  1. Identify tools and materials needed for window and door install, and make sure they are on hand and organized.
  2. Present a short course on how to install a typical window.
  3. 2-3 man crew will proceed to install windows.
  4. While windows are being installed, Glo Technician will work with one or two carpenters, preferably the most experienced and skilled members of the construction crew, on installing and adjusting doors.
  5. Glo Technician will check installed windows for proper operation and instruct crew members on adjustment procedures.


We now rent out our Bailey Crane, accompanied by a skilled operator –Just request the Bailey Crane to be added to your order! Learn more here.

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