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Aluminum Windows That Perform

Architects have long loved the elegance of a slim aluminum frame window, and these windows have traditionally had poor energy, air sealing, and sound performance…until now. Introducing Glo’s modern aluminum windows,  A4A5, and A7 Series, these new units bring a new level of comfort and energy performance to aluminum windows in residential and small commercial construction. This post explains why these aluminum windows are unique in the marketplace.
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Clean looks are in and thicker European window frame styles have long struggled to gain market share in the United States. The aluminum units are designed to fit modern architectural style. A few features:

  • – Frames designed to allow exterior trim to cover the frame
  • – Optional concealed sash frames for narrow sight lines
  • – Optional seamless welded aluminum corners
  • – Optional fully concealed tilt and turn hinge hardware
  • – Available in up to 300 custom colors

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Energy savings is one of several aspects in which the modern aluminum windows offer exceptional performance. All aluminum framed and curtain wall windows typically offer a thermal performance of R-value 4, R-value 5, R-value 7 and R-value 7.7. They eliminate condensation (also called fogging), prevent exterior sound transmission, and prevent air leakage from thermal stress. The Aluminum Windows Series offer superior performance in each of these categories:

  • – Three layers of airsealing gasket in every operable unit
  • – Standard Glazing package of R-9 is standard on all units
  • – Whole window thermal performance of R-value 4 (Aluminum Series- A4) and R-vaule 7.7 (Aluminum Series- A7)
  • – Tunable solar heat gain coefficients from 0.28 to 0.60 (0.54 is standard)

This level of performance means that designers can pursue a clean modern look without worrying about condensation, comfort issues, or sacrificing design goals like Passive House

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Form Factor

To complement their clean profiles, the Aluminum Windows Series come in a wide variety of form factors. The Aluminum Windows Series are available in tilt & turn, European awnings and fixed windows, as well as lift & slide doors, folding glass doors, sliding doors, postless corner doors, French style and entry doors. They can also be mulled into multiple units to offer a high performance curtainwall style system for high performance commercial buildings. Glo European Windows offers expansive size options to provide maximum design flexibility, and the Aluminum Windows Series is no different. Fixed panes up to 8′x10′ and tilt & turn units up to 5′x5′ are common on the standard production line. Even larger sizes are available with custom engineering.

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We are proud to offer truly high performance windows with all aluminum frames. Please call or email us, [email protected] to learn more about this unique product series.