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Selecting Your Front Door Color and Design

They say that first impressions are the most important. This remains true for your entry door as well. The front door to your home sets the tone for guests and creates the look and feel for the rest of your home. The selection of your entry door is a great opportunity to get creative and invest in an elevated design. This is why your front door color and design is such an important factor. We specialize in decorative door designs and have seen many bespoke entries; therefore, we are here to help navigate the decision process when it comes to your front door. So, let’s discuss a few key factors that help get you from step one to turning the key on your favorite new entry.


Color is a fantastic way to express a feeling and/or spark interest. The psychology of color is a fantastic resource to play with in order to navigate color choices. For example, warm colors evoke excitement, optimism, and creativity. Adversely, cool colors represent peace, harmony, and calmness. Before you even approach a color-wheel, think of what emotions you want expressed when designing for home’s entry. Create a clear vision of what you want to achieve and let those ideas navigate you as you explore your options. For example, if you want creativity to be the overall feel of your home’s exterior, play with the idea of an orange door, red door, green door. If you want a subdued, harmonious feel, dive into the deep blues, greys/blacks, greige, and maroons. Take in every element of the home; roof, trim, windows, siding, and see how those colors play together. Keep an eye on tones, staying within the same family and complimentary colors which also can create a beautiful triad of color relationship. Here is an example of a home that clearly expresses a creative and playfulness with their door color. The home is smaller in scale with minimalistic design details so the pop of color carries a lot of interest for the home’s exterior as a whole.

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Another fantastic way to make an impact to your front entry is a door with design elements that set it apart –think, long mahogany handles, stainless steel cutters, or playful window placement. If color scares you, this is a great way to still create impact but stay true to who you are as a person.   And shouldn’t our homes reflect a piece of who we are? A simple flat panel black door can suddenly become a show stopper with an unexpected handle. That plain black door is now a designer entrance with little effort. Doors with windows or multiple lites add a graphic element and provides natural light for the foyer. The size and placement of these lites, when customized allow for a myriad of design options. Stainless steel cutters (or inlays) can be eye catching with the addition of another material and architectural detail. For example, here is a home that takes full advantage of the custom options for their entry. Although they chose a more subdued color, the windows and cutters facilitate an entry that is memorable and alluring.

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An entry door can add a bit of color or design appeal no matter your home’s aesthetic. A front door, as we have learned, is as unique as the home owners themselves. So, have fun with your options, stay true to your vision, train your eye for noticing a color story, and create an entry that leaves everyone wanting to more.