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Frequently Asked Questions – European Windows

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Our goal as your European Window and Door provider is to make the window and door buying process as simple and easy as possible. Whether this is your first journey in purchasing new windows and doors or you are looking to re-fresh your knowledge base, we are here to offer support. European windows and doors differ in many ways from the traditional North American fenestration products, and we are here to help you feel as educated as possible while navigating the window and door buying process.

We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions we get from clients for you! Our hope is that these questions will do two things: give you quick answers to those begging questions on your mind and help you know what questions to be asking for ease of pre-planning.

Here’s our most frequently asked questions:

  1. What do I need to provide to Glo to receive a window and door quote?

The fastest and most effective way to communicate to Glo what your window and door needs are for a project is to provide a full drawing set with a window and door schedule included. Along with this, let us know what product series you are interested in, i.e. triple pane aluminum. If your project has any high performance requirements, be sure to include any of the performance specifications you would like us to comply with.

  1. What type of window styles are available?

We have two types of windows: aluminum and wood-aluminum. Both of these options come with an assortment of style choices.

Our Aluminum windows are thermally broken and have up to four frame styles available depending on the Series selected: Standard, Flange, Hidden, and Slim. Our Standard style has a bit larger  profile which enables an array of finish detailing options. Our Flange window is the first European Window with an integrated nail flange which allows for an install comparable to a traditional American window–your builder will love this one! The Hidden sash has a slimmer profile that resembles the look of a fixed window frame. This style ensures a cohesive look between your fixed and operable windows. Lastly, the Slim profile is our thinnest window frame for a truly modern and minimal look.

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Our Wood-Aluminum windows come in a variety of options as well. The aluminum cladding is available in Classic and Modern. Classic cladding has rounded edges with sloping angles for a timeless feel. Modern cladding is linear with straight lines evoking a truly contemporary look. The wood frames come in three different styles; Classic, Modern and Traditional. The Classic wood frame offers a softer angled frame that is cohesive with a wide range of styles. The Modern wood frame is true to its name with vertical framing for a clean and lineal aesthetic. Lastly, the Traditional wood frame is more decorative in nature with ogee edge detailing.

  1. What is a U-value and which U-value do I need?

The window U-value measures the thermal conductivity of the window, or in layman’s terms, the amount of heat that escapes through a window. The lower the number the better your window will perform. Our U-values range from 0.33 to 0.125. For homes located in the Northern hemisphere we suggest a lower U-value (or triple pane window) for optimal window performance. Homes located in more temperate climates we suggest a U-0.33 or a double pane window. However, if your ultimate goal is to build to Passive House standards we always recommend a triple pane window to ensure maximum thermal efficiency.

  1. I live in a state that requires NFRC Certifications –Are your European windows certified?

Yes, our A5 and A7 aluminum windows and Curtain Wall windows are all NFRC Certified! Also, our Lift & Slide aluminum doors, entry doors and Sliding doors are also certified!

  1. Do your European windows come with screens?

Yes, every order is priced with window screens included, unless instructed otherwise. Fun fact: In Europe window screens are called “mosquito nets”.

  1. Can you deliver to my location?

Yes, we have projects across the United States! However, make sure the location of your home is able to receive delivery from an 18-wheeler truck. If not, our Field Technician will work with your builder to help guide special arrangements for your successful delivery.

  1. How long does it take for the windows to be delivered?

We suggest planning at least 14-16 weeks for delivery to the site. This time table includes production of your custom windows, shipping and direct delivery. Ideally for standard stick-built homes, orders are placed when excavation begins.