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DIY: Building Off The Grid -Yellowstone River

WATCH US on DIY Network’s show Building Off The Grid: Yellowstone River on Sunday, February 26th at 8pm|7c

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We have had the privilege of consistently working with amazing clients. However, there will always be certain clientele that stands out amongst the rest – enter the Lighthiser family. These folks are no strangers to adventure or the outdoors. In 2013 their family of five (plus one 80lb dog) made the 2000-mile trip from Durango, CO, to Missoula, MT on a convoy of bicycles. Their most recent adventure has been a bit more stationary but still offers its own set of physical challenges. In May 2016, the Lighthiser family broke ground on the ultimate DIY project: building an off the grid home along the Yellowstone River. During the 4+ months of building they braved the elements, living in a wall tent alongside the construction zone.

The main objectives for the Lighthisers to build their own home was to have a well-built, energy-efficient, and mindfully constructed home. To facilitate their thermal-conscious goals, they reached out to Glo for our high-performing windows and doors. The A5 double pane Series was selected as a perfect solution to achieve the required R-Values (Up to R-4) while delivering both performance and beauty. The Aluminum Series windows and doors meet the environmental demands of living in the harsh Montana winters while providing cross-ventilation, expansive views, and superior air-tightness year round.

The DIY Network decided to follow the entire journey and process outside of Bozeman MT – capturing the true grit and skill of every member of the Lighthiser family. Their episode of “Building Off The Grid: Yellowstone River” airs this Sunday, February 26th at 8pm|7c on the DIY Network. You may even catch a glimpse (or two) of our Glo Windows and Doors.

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