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Concealed Weep Holes

weep hole, window water drainage, water drainage, window weep holeModern-day European windows have a trusted reputation for their longevity, thermal-performance, and versatile frame. Beyond these credible attributes, one thing often overlooked is their thoughtfully-designed functionality. Glo Aluminum windows are equipped with weep holes to alleviate the issue of trapping water within the frame. Built on the exterior face of the window, these holes serve as a water drainage system for moisture to pass through the inside of the frame and out the vents, called weep holes. Weep holes located on the exterior of the frame are also coupled with weep hole covers to protect the opening and eliminate clogs from debris.

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If visible weep holes don’t align with the aesthetics of the project, Glo also offers concealed weep holes. This drainage system is positioned within the frame and drains at the exterior base of the frame. This alternative does not require weep hole covers and provides a seamless design while being inherently protected from debris. It is worth noting, however, that this system of weep holes requires special attention to be paid when waterproofing the sill to guarantee water sealing while still allowing the moisture to drain from the window frame.

Beyond preventing water from entering into the building, these functional weep holes eliminate the build-up of moisture within the frame, keeping your windows and doors operating at their peak performance and functionality for the long-term.