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Why Aluminum Windows?

Our aluminum window design offers sleek modern lines and is built to perform. However, in past decades aluminum window design has had a negative connotation associated with them, which thankfully is no longer the case <insert happy dance>. We’ve assembled our top 7 reasons why aluminum windows are the best option for your home or business. If you need more than 7 reasons then give us a call and we can convince you further. No, really…(406) 721-2741

1. Durability & Longevity

Glo European Windows’ aluminum frames are lightweight but also strong which is ideal for window installation and long-term resilience. All of our aluminum windows are powder coated making them more resistant to scratching, chipping, fading, and general wear and tear. Another great benefit to powder coating is it does not contain harmful chemicals found in other paints, which really helps the longevity of good ol’ Mother Earth.

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An off-grid sustainable home nestled in the mountains of Montana.

2. Maintenance free

Aluminum is such a durable material that it is weatherproof and corrosion resistant, lasting for decades, reducing your overall maintenance expense. Since our aluminum windows come powder coated, there is no need for pesky upkeep or repainting later (remember, they are durable). So, pack up your painting ladder and paintbrush cause you won’t need them.

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3. Modern

Glo Aluminum frames are thin and sleek, guaranteeing that eye-catching design you’ve been dreaming of since you saw it on HGTV. One main key to achieving that desired modern look is bringing the outside in through large expanses of glass and sizable folding glass doors. Another aluminum window design feature that we (and our clients) can’t get enough of is our concealed sash. This allows for all operable windows to appear fixed with thinner frames, maintaining a cohesive exterior look.

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The three center windows are operable. However, their frame profiles mimic the surrounding fixed windows.

4. Thermal Break

A thermal break is a thermal barrier used in the interior of the window frame to insulate and prevent heat gain or loss, depending on the season. Our continuous thermal breaks are more substantial allowing for higher R-values (and inversely lower U-values) creating a more energy efficient window. A larger thermal break not only separates you from the harsh elements but it’s also what separates Glo from the competition…and we’re okay with that.

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5. Colors

We have over 300 powder-coated colors to choose from, paying homage to the belief that, “anything is possible”. We also have dual color options available to accommodate the most specific color palette inside and out.

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6. Options

Where to even begin?! Let’s start with window and door styles. Our windows are available as; fixed windows, tilt turn windows, casement windows, European awning windows (hopper), and Storefront windows. Sizes for operable windows are available up to 25 sqft. and 80 sqft. for fixed windows. Our doors are available as entry doors –full lite, half lite, quarter lite, two-thirds lite, lift and slide doors and sliding doors with too many configurations to name. Sizes for swing doors are available up to 4’x9’-10” and lift & slide doors are available up to 40’ <–(my personal favorite). All our hinges and handles are European made with smooth-like-butter operation and available in a variety of gorgeous finish options, including powder-coated. We have 6 obscure glass options providing privacy and filtered natural light.

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7. Performance

Our windows have double or triple pane glass, are thermally broken with insulated aluminum frames with argon gas filled chambers achieving a greater level of energy performance. (Try and say that 3X fast!) Our R-values range all the way up to R8 accommodating diverse efficiency goals and performance standards. Our mission is to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer and all these specialized components do just that!

Glo aluminum window design has proven to be efficient, durable, beautiful and one of our most affordable window options. Give us a call or email us today to quote your project, [email protected] or 406-721-2741.