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Air-Lux Pivot Door

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Every home deserves a dynamic entry. Expanded widths and heights of a traditional entry door enable the Air Lux Pivot Door to stand out: Sizes up to 9′-8″ x 16′-4″ (WxH) (3000mm x 5000mm). Beyond size, the superior air and water seal ensures performance standards that work in every diverse season. With the press of a button, the air is introduced into the frame, closing the gap between the door and the fixed frame. Inversely, to open the unit, the button is pressed to release the seal to its original concave profile until activated again.

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The robust hardware of the Pivot Door allows the large panel to rotate on a lateral or central axis with ease, creating an unparalleled experience. Furthermore, the handle options create a striking design element to accentuate the bespoke design. The various finish and size options allow for a truly custom look.

Beyond notable performance, design, and ease of function, these doors have a 10-year Guarantee on the seals, framework, and fittings. Plus, 24-hour service team support for ease of mind.