About You

You are informed and have energy efficiency goals in mind for your home or building. You want a company that is pushing industry standards forward with future generations in mind.

You want a team of people who are consistent and follow through on their commitments to achieve your design and performance goals. Disregarding conventional standards, your search has led you here and we are excited to learn about your project!

About Us

Glo European Windows is a Missoula, Montana, based team of professionals dedicated to improving the performance of building envelopes through high-performance window design and installation.  As a division of Energetechs, our staff has a combined total of over 100 years in the green building field.  Our foundation ranges from general construction, super insulation and air sealing of high performance buildings, building science, energy modeling and passive house design.  Supplying energy efficient windows and doors became a natural transition in providing a quality product for you and your building envelope.

Our windows and doors were created with you in mind and are built to perform.  Our teams’ experience with European window design and installation provides you with the expertise you need for your project.

We believe in innovation and seek to constantly grow, develop and advance.  Perpetual improvement lives in our company culture.  We trust change as it leads to discovery and progress which we believe serve as the main vectors for developing exceptional products and delivering superior experiences for our clients.

We are passionate about high performance window design and installation.  We care about future generations and about leaving a legacy of performance and long term durability.  The value of our windows is timeless.