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3 Reasons to Choose Glo European Windows

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After searching the market, we found that the only way we could provide the highest quality, best value, and most supportive service of any European windows manufacturer we would have to do it ourselves. Glo European windows is an American company based in Missoula, MT that has partnered with a production facility in Europe to deliver custom European windows directly from the factory to jobsites across the United States. Glo Windows are excellent for use in Passive House projects, and are quickly developing a reputation for their beauty and value to homeowners.

1. Exceptional European Glass

The “glazing package” refers to the actual glass used in the windows which is separate from the frames. Our European glazing packages offer the following specific advantages over more common North American windows:

  • Glazing U-factor:

    As low as 0.09- the U-Value describes how much heat is gained or lost through the window. If you compare this to the “R-value,” the glass itself is R-11.  This is about 400% better than a typical American window.

  • Triple air seals:

    Glo Windows meet European Level 4 standards, the highest level available. Air tight windows eliminate drafts making your home far more comfortable and in turn reduces energy bills. The craftsmanship of the interface between the glazing and the frame is exceptional.

  • Triple pane, argon-filled glazing:

    In addition to ensuring comfort and low energy bills, premium European triple pane glazing offers exceptional sound damping, visual light transmittance up to 80%, and solar heat gain coefficients up to 0.62.

  • Expansive Lift Slide and Folding doors:

    No other type of patio door can offer expanses of glass this big without dividers limiting your view. Glo lift and slide doors offer performance up to R-7 to ensure cozy comfort and energy efficiency in your home while preserving your view.  The Glo folding glass doors are designed to be folded and stacked to either side of the wall or engineered to fold in separate directions. These doors can also be combined with a swing door on either side of the folding glass wall. These bi-fold doors are on one track with multiple operable and fixed panels.

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2. High Performance Window Frames

If you have drafts, condensation, or mold damage, your window frame may well be the culprit. Frames built by Glo Windows offer a variety of exceptional features to eliminate issues that are common for American windows:

  • – All wood frames are cross grain laminated for exceptional thermal and structural stability.
  •  – Options for wood with aluminum cladding, or all Aluminum (thermally broken) allow Glo to fit a variety of project sizes and budgets.
  • – All wood surfaces come factory finished and are available in any of the 306 RAL colors.
  • – Aluminum cladding is available in 4 different profiles and 300 different colors.
  • – Premium European hardware: The hardware is durable and reliable, providing decades of effortless operation.
  • – Tilt and Turn windows come standard, allowing for better ventilation options. Concealed multipoint locking hardware increases security and air tightness. Maintenance and cleaning can also be performed entirely from inside the home.

3. Expert Consulting and Support

Glo is excited to offer expert consulting and installation services to make sure your project meets your goals. We will work with your design team to ensure the most cost-effective package possible, and work with your general contractor to make sure the windows are installed flawlessly to provide a lifetime of reliable service. As each window is custom built and each order is custom shipped, Glo Windows work well for new construction projects or whole home retrofits. Lately, we have had a lot of home owners purchase lift and slide doors as they wanted a large expanse of glass that leads to a patio or deck.

We feel confident, when searching for European windows, Glo is the best choice for your next commercial or residential project.

Call us at 406.721.2741 or email [email protected] to learn more about how these exceptional windows can take your home or office to the next level of comfort and energy performance.

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